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On April 19, 1775, the American Revolution begins when the first shots are fired at the Battle of Lexington. 

As the message from Paul Revere spread around the countryside, local militia groups gathered and marched toward Concord. The Lexington militia gathered early in the morning under Captain John Parker. Lexington was on the road to Concord and the army would have to pass through the town or march around it. When the British arrived around 5 am, about 80 men were arranged for battle, but Parker told them not to fire unless fired upon. The British marched right in to Lexington and formed a battle line. Both sides were under orders not to fire. To this day, no one knows who fired the first shot at the Battle of Lexington, but shooting soon rang out and eight Americans lie dead, while only one British soldier was injured.

The Continental Congress would soon appoint George Washington as the Commander-in-Chief and the local militia groups would be transformed into the new Continental Army. The American Revolution had begun and would last another seven years.

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